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Given the health alert arising from the Coronavirus, we give you some essential tips for the cleaning and caring for your hands. It should always be this way, but right now it becomes even more important.

  1. Hands are a gateway for microorganisms, both for the person itself and for the people and objects that we “touch”.
  2. Thorough hand washing prevents certain easily transmitted diseases caused by various types of germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi).
  3. Water alone is not sufficient. Its temperature is not very important, although it is always recommended to wash your hands with warm water.
  4. Soap is a great ally. At least 40 seconds. You should rub your hands together, interlock your fingers, rub the back of the fingers of one hand against the palm of the opposite hand. Emphasis should be placed on knuckles, nails and the separation between the fingers.
  5. Sanitizing gels are a complement to hand washing with soap and water.
  6. The virus lipid membrane is “sensitive” to sanitizing soaps and gels.
  7. To dry, use disposable towels and do not leave moisture on your hands. Close the tap with the used towel. Don’t share towels.
  8. You should not touch your face, eyes, mouth, nose with your hands. Germs that live in these spaces, we can transmit them to people or surfaces. Also in reverse: if we touch a contaminated surface or a sick person, we acquire microorganisms by touching our faces.
  9. Our hands will become more dehydrated and irritated: it is important to use creams or balms to avoid altering our skin barrier.
  10. Be careful with home recipes. If you have any questions, ask the doctor or pharmacist.
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