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Shaving/Beard Care

Beard Care

1. Cleaning, with gel or soap depending on the type of skin.

2. Hydration. Depending on the type of skin and beard, the following should be applied:

  • Dry oil. Recommended for all beards, mainly in the early stages of growth. It’s quickly absorbed, leaving a matte appearance.
  • Emollient Balm. Mainly recommended for dry skin and when the beard is thicker. The texture is greasy and takes longer to absorb, but the hydration is more durable.
    Trick: If you want the beard to have more shine, add a few drops of Dry Oil to the Emollient Balm.

Ideally, apply twice daily. Both the oil and the balm are applied to the skin (not on the beard), so that it is hydrated.

Shaving care

We recommend a 4-step shave:

1.- Cleaning, with gel or soap depending on the type of skin.
2.- Application of foam or shaving gel that is gentle on the skin.
3.- As an after-shave, we recommend the moisturizing tonic, since it does not contain alcohol, it does not dry the skin.
4.-Hydration with the applicable cream according to your skin type.
(optional) Use of Roll-on SOS if any hair becomes encystic after shaving, which gives rise to some unwanted granite.

All the necessary products are in the appropriate set according to skin type.

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