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Atopic Skin Set


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We have designed this set as we believe that optimal skin care is achieved through 3 steps: 1) Cleaning, 2) Toning, 3) Hydrating/Nourishing.

This set has been specially formulated to clean and care the skin when it is excessively dry, itchy, red, swollen, and cracked. These are common characteristics in skins with Atopic Dermatitis.

The synergy of the ingredients in these products avoids the loss of hydration, providing the structural lipids that restore the protective skin barrier.

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Step 1 – Apply the toner using a cotton disk.*

Step 2 – Apply the balm, after extending it in your hands and warming it, through soft touches on the skin.


Step 1 – Clean the skin with the solid soap, with warm water and softness, removing it with ample amount of water.**

Step 2 – Apply the toner using a cotton disk.*

Step 3 – Apply the balm through soft touches on the skin.


*It is key to use the toner in the facial care and highly recommended for the body.

** In the body care, use the soap on the moment of the day when you wash your skin.

It is of high importance to be constant in following this methodology to obtain the targeted benefits.

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The use of this set provides and enriches your skin with an important combination of ingredients such as the shea butter and first cold pressure vegetable oils from the solid soap; the sea water and water-soluble vitamins from the toner; and the chamomile and lavender essential oils of the balm.

Contains the combination of hydroxytyrosol and olive triterpenes, a very powerful antioxidant and with anti-inflammatory properties (worldwide patent number WO2014198842-A1).

The synergy of these ingredients coupled with a continued use of the same maintains the hydration of the skin, restoring it barrier function and avoiding dryness, reducing sensations such as tightness, itchiness and irritation.

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