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Skins that, with respect to female skin, generally have a greater sebaceous secretion. It is usually more resistant, and the signs of aging are later, but they appear more suddenly.

What is necessary for a good facial skin care?



Step 1: Soap or Gel

Step 1: Soap or Gel*

Step 2: Toner

Step 2: Toner

Step 3: Cream

* According to your skin type.
For specific recommendations on shaving and bearding, visit the Shaving/Beard Care category.

Summary Complete Care

Recommended Foods

Vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins, trace elements and phytonutrients. Carrots, avocado, pumpkin, nuts, melon, grapes, zucchini, etc.
Rich in Omega-3. Mackerel, sardine, walnuts, spinach…
Foods that improve the intestinal flora. Whole grain rice, artichokes, probiotics (yogurt, kefir).
Water. We recommend 2.5 litres/day.

Non-Recommended Foods

Rich in trans fats. Margarine, precooked food…
Rich in saturated fats. Cream, charcuterie…
That provoke insulin spikes. Sweets, pastries, refreshments, sugar…
Alcohol. It’s related with oxidation, dehydration and inflammation of the skin.

Physical Exercise

Moderate exercise is highly recommended.

We recommend a combination of aerobic (walking, swimming) and anaerobic (push ups, abs) exercises.

Other Advice

Don’t smoke. It accelerates premature aging.
Ultraviolet radiation. Use sunscreen and avoid the sun in central hours.
Sleep. At least 7 hours per day.
Avoid stress. It generates free radicals, influencing premature aging.

Always visit your dermatologist if you notice any changes in your skin.

Do you have doubts about your skin type and routine? With just 9 questions we’ll recommend a specific routine for you.
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