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5punto5 was born with one goal: promote the equilibrium.

We want to stop the current way in which dermatology products are used since they are generally invasive and not sustainable over time. Based on research, biotechnology and galenic formulations, we have developed skin care in order to help people equilibrate their skin. We are not interested in short-term solutions but in structural changes to maintain a balanced skin.

In addition, in this ambitious project we look at the skin in a holistic way so we’ll talk about diet, stress, sun, sleep, sport and of course cosmetic products that promote a healthy skin.

This way, and only this way, sensitive skins (seborrheic, atopic, with rosacea, with psoriasis… etc.), as well as mature skins, those of teenagers, kids… optimize their care and make it sustainable long term, all with a scientific and empirical foundation.

To achieve all this we have designed care that incorporate:

  • Products where we only use organic ingredients, with high levels of active ingredients and highly purified vegetable extracts obtained through biotechnological processes.
  • Solutions that fosters a better lifestyle, and, consequently, a healthier skin.

We have combined the best of nature with the best of science.

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