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Oils in Dermocosmetics. With Ana Barrionuevo

Ana Barrionuevo

The use of oils in cosmetics is very fashionable these days. But, do we know what it is for? We’ll explain it to you in collaboration with the pharmacist Ana Barrionuevo, from Farmacia Moya

It could be summarized that the use of a well-formulated cosmetic oil is one of the main partners in the care of the skin. It has so many uses, that it would be fair to say that it is a must in the choice of our cosmetic products.

Among its functions, we highlight:

At a facial level:

  • Excellent make-up remover to be a natural and effective option to eliminate dirt and makeup residue, especially in the eye contour. It can be applied either with a previously impregnated cotton with a few drops of water or directly on the slightly moistened face. Then rinse with warm water or remove with a muslin or cotton disk.
  • Extra hydration. If you need to provide greater hydration and smoothness, especially in dry skins or cold and dry environments, this product is ideal to have oils that provide high hydration. Apply it in the morning emulsifying a few drops of dry oil with your usual moisturizer and/or at night directly on the skin.
  • Makeup base. Being highly moisturizing is useful next to the makeup base. Apply it in the morning emulsifying a few drops of dry oil with your foundation.
  • Eyebrows. If you have a very dry eyebrow area, put one drop on each eyebrow to keep it hydrated and nourished.
  • Care of the beard. Its blend of oils strengthens the beard, giving it the right volume and texture without making it greasy. It’s enough to catch a few drops of the oil and extend it by the beard.
  • After shaving. Its moisturizing components make it a fantastic complement. Apply a few drops directly on the skin after shaving.

At the corporal level:

  • Extra hydration. As for the face, if you need to provide more hydration and smoothness, apply it in the morning emulsifying a few drops of dry oil with the usual moisturizer and/or at night directly on the skin.
  • After the shower, we can apply a few drops in the most dehydrated areas.
  • Another of its virtues is that it can be used as ‘after-sun‘ moisturizing and soothing your skin after a day in the sun. Thanks to its high moisturizing power will help the skin to recover from solar aggression.
  • Firms and strengthens the nailsApply it on the nails with a cotton disc to strengthen them thanks to its protective agents.

For Hair

  • Moisturizing and luminosity.  Before the shower, put some drops in the hair, cover it with a warm towel and wash the hair after letting it act for 15 to 20 minutes. You could let it act all night.
  • Hydrate, energize and nourish. Mix a few drops with the usual shampoo, in order to provide the hair with important nutrients as outlined above.
  • Anti-spreads/smoothing. Put some of this oil on the brush and your hair will comb easily.
  • Tip Strengthener. If what we want is to close the cuticle of our hair, we will apply it from stockings to ends.

The dry oil from the laboratory 5punto5 Skinlab contains a mixture of five different vegetable oils of first cold pressure. Among its ingredients we can highlight oils such as Camelina oil (very rich in omega 3), Argan and Jojoba. In addition, it contains vitamin E and maslinic acid . This last ingredient is important to maintain the health of the scalp, helping to regenerate the hair and protecting it from dandruff and excess sebum.

Thanks to these ingredients, the dry oil fulfills the functions described above: moisturize, nourish and regenerate the skin, stop the signs of aging, provide flexibility to the hair without greasing it and minimize oxidative stress.

As data to highlight, these oils are not comedogenic or made the skin oily, so it is an optimal product for the care of all skin types and hair. It can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

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