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Food as Prevention

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Genetics, age, bacteria, viruses, environmental pollution, radiation, chemicals, weight, depressed immune system, lifestyle … are factors that can promote disease…

It is clear that the genetics that one has or the age are non-modifiable factors … but, is there anything else that we can do? Is there something in our hands?

Regarding non-dietary external factors, we can take measures such as taking care of the skin against ultraviolet radiation, not smoking, avoiding environmental contamination…

And in relation to what we eat, we can do a lot.  We provide recommendations that will help to give quality to life, regardless of how old you are:

  • Consume foods as natural as possible, rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, natural vitamins and minerals. Avoid processed foods, that are generally rich in saturated animal fats, cholesterol, sugar and salt.
  • Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables (5 servings / day). Choose seasonal ones, combining colors. And if you can those originating from organic farming. What do they give you? Few calories, little fat, few proteins and carbohydrates (although it varies between them), but what they will all provide are valuable vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Do not abuse those rich in starch (like potatoes).
  • Increase fish consumption (avoiding those that, due to their size, may have accumulated heavy metals in their body). Better, the little ones: sardines, mackerel, anchovies …
  • Take unrefined foods, the fiber they provide will be greater. Fiber has important properties such as: reduces intestinal transit time, it is fermentable by colonic microflora, reduces total blood cholesterol and / or LDL cholesterol, reduces glucose and/or insulin levels after a meal …
  • Reduce the consumption of food with added sugars. Soft drinks are rich in sugar and do not hydrate… The better drink to hydrate: water.
  • Minimize the consumption of red meat and processed meat products, rich in saturated fat and cholesterol.
  • Decrease salt consumption. Excessive consumption may favor a series of problems, such as hypertension, heart and cerebrovascular diseases, osteoporosis… Taste buds adapt to a lower consumption of salt even if it a bit painful at first. Among the options, unrefined sea salt is the most advisable for the amount of oligoelements it contains.
  • Alcohol, better avoid it and otherwise, consume it in a “very” moderate way.
  • The cooking techniques, the less aggressive the better. Any treatment that involves an increase in temperature, brings a change in the characteristics of the food and undesired products can be formed. Apply techniques such as steam cooking, wok … Also consume food that does not need any type of culinary preparation (salads…).
  • Learn to enjoy cooking. We tend to cook less and less, and in return our health suffers…
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