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On September 25 we celebrate the World Pharmacists Day and it is a time to bring up the phrase of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Hungarian physiologist and Nobel Prize in 1937, “If you want to see what is between us, we must look back.”

The pharmaceutical profession has a history that starts from the moment men considered how to cure or mitigate diseases.

Anubis, god-pharmacist in Egypt, the Taoist thinking of Eastern civilizations, Hygea and Hippocrates in Greece, Galen in Rome, the writings of Rhazes in the great advance of the Arab pharmacy, the Magna Charta of Pharmacy in 1241, Paracelsus in the Renaissance … are some examples of how progress has been made in the figure of the doctor and the pharmacist, to understand and treat health problems.

The pharmacists of the 21st century are the result of tradition and all the work that our ancestors performed. Our profession has grown hand in hand with technological advances and of course, by the union and collaboration with other health professionals.

On this September 25 more than 72,000 pharmacists in Spain, who practice in pharmacies, hospitals, the army and in the industry, we celebrate our day, and the best thing is that we do it from a privileged position, a position where citizens have placed us: at the first line in the Spanish health system, accessible to 99% of the Spanish population, and as one of the three most valued professionals in Spain.

It could be summarized that we are prepared to represent the phrase also written by the Nobel Prize mentioned above, “The discovery consists of looking at the same as everyone else and thinking about something different.”

With the mission of maintaining that confidence and providing solutions, 5punto5 Skinlab is born. A laboratory created by the tenacity and the desire of knowledge of a pharmacist, who, seeking to respond to a dermatological condition of a family member, has managed to create a wonderful project and that now, thanks to many other pharmacists that make up the big family of 5punto5, will continue to grow to celebrate many more September 25ths.

To all … Happy World Pharmacists Day