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Event with Mothers Influencers on The Constancy in Skin Care – April 25, 2018

Equipo 5punto5

Together with a selected group of women interested in the care of their skin and with great influence in social networks, we conducted a workshop in which we covered different important topics about it, including the differences that exist between using organic ingredients or not, the benefits to incorporate innovative active principles, the impact of diet and lifestyle on the skin, etc. Likewise, we talk about the origin of 5point5 as well as the fundamental principles of our philosophy.

In this event we did it in La Manzana and we were fortunate to have some super interesting women including @Villagayumbos, @roussandtriplets, @mamasviajeras, @soyunamadrenormal, @rayasymanchas, @mypetitpleasures, @victoriamoradell, @ouiouiconceptstore and @elenabau_fotografia.

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