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Double cleansing at night with Marta Masi

Marta Masi

It is well known that cleansing is essential in the care of the skin. But how should it be done?

For a complete evening cleansing, a two-step process is recommended to properly remove makeup, sunscreen, sweat, pollution … Double cleansing is also essential as a preliminary step to exfoliate the skin.

Each step must be done with different but complementary products – one oil based and one water based:

Oil-based cleansing. Eliminates traces of makeup, excess sebum, as well as any dirt that is soluble in oil. For this first step, 5punto5 has two options:

  • Dry Oil: Contains a combination of first cold pressure vegetable oils, including camelina, argan and jojoba oils. They are not comedogenic or make the skin oily, so it is an optimal product for the care of all skin types. In addition, it stands out by its maslinic acid content, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Emollient Balm: With a mousse type texture, it is composed, among others, of shea butter, and a combination of first cold pressure vegetable oils. Since it has a semi-solid consistency, it is good to heat it on the fingers before its application, and then massaging on the face.

Once this first step is finished, the product should be rinsed with warm (not hot) water, or remove it with a mousseline or cotton disc.

Water based cleansing. The water-based cleaner (soap, gel …) removes water-soluble dirt, such as sweat, as well as the remains of the first cleaning. In this case, you should choose one that suits your skin type.5punto5 has two alternatives depending on the type of skin:

  • Dermatological Soap: Indicated for normal and/or sensitive skins.
  • Dermatological Gel: For combination and oily skins.

It should be mixed with warm water and applied gently. Always remove with plenty of warm water.

After cleaning, the use of a toner that hydrates, regulates the pH and prepares the skin for subsequent care is essential. The Equalizer Toner of 5punto5 also contains water-soluble vitamins and minerals, balancing and revitalizing the activity of the skin. A small amount should be placed on a cotton disc and applied gently by circular movements or gentle touches on the skin. A small exfoliation is achieved if a gauze is used instead of a cotton disc, as the chemist Marta Masi points out.

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