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Care of our skin during the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic that we are experiencing is affecting us in many aspects of our life and therefore, in our state of well-being and health, and the skin, the largest organ of our body, is not excluded.

The pharmacist María Girones of Pamplona, ​​who is behind the profile in IG @farmatrendy tells us that these are difficult and strange days in which we are taking refuge in aspects of our life, that before confinement we let them pass. Without a doubt, I think that self-care is being a fundamental part of our day to day. Hygiene and hydration are being absolute protagonists and the most curious thing, for everyone, without exception. We need effective products and that we can really see their results from the beginning. And all this is accomplished by 5punto5 products.

Our skin can be affected, mainly, by:

– The almost permanent washing of our hands and the use of hydroalcoholic gels, which can cause weakening of our hydrolipidic barrier and therefore, injuries to it. What can cause dryness, itching, redness …

Our advice:

  • Use a skin-friendly soap with low allergen preservatives and mild and soothing ingredients. @5punto5 derma soap is suitable for the most sensitive skin. If you want more sanitizing assets, you should use the derma gel.
  • Always use a very emollient cream or balm after washing your hands, containing a lipid composition similar to that of our skin. Shea butter, ceramides, cold-pressed vegetable oils are good choices. At night, after applying the cream, put on cotton gloves. In this way, it improves the penetration of the cosmetic product. Each person in the family should have their cream to avoid possible infections. The emollient balm of @5punto5 gives you a lipid profile similar to that of our skin along with soothing and softening ingredients.

This aspect of handwashing is essential, since as Pablo García, a pharmacist and health disseminator, tells us through the blog and the RRSS of, one of the 10 most visited in the Spanish health blogosphere, by thoroughly washing a hand wash we can eliminate this coronavirus. Since this virus, like many other viruses and infectious agents, is surrounded by a lipid membrane that maintains its structure, and soap is capable of eliminating it and therefore eliminating the virus.

– The use of masks can worsen the state of our skin, and appear pimples, dryness or redness. If we have any skin condition, such as acne, atopy, seborrhea, rosacea, it can get worse.

Our advice:

  • Extremely clean skin. Morning and night, with our usual cleanser, depending on the type of skin, ending with skin toning.
  • Continue with our skin care routine constantly. Do not neglect yourself for being at home.

– The emotional stress that we are experiencing can cause and / or aggravate various skin conditions. As is well known, stress and skin are directly linked.

Our advice:

  • Perform moderate exercise. When we exercise:
    • Endorphins are secreted: feeling of tranquility, satisfaction and well-being.
    • Dopamine levels are increased: linked to processes such as motivation, cognition or learning.
    • Increases Serotonin: called “the chemical of happiness”. Providing a higher quality of sleep, which will also result in less stress.
    • Decreases cortisol (related to stress).
  • Respect the hours of sleep.
  • Be busy, minimizing listening to news that can increase anxiety.
  • See a professional if needed.
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