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Skin care tips after the summer

With the summer almost finished it is key to start with a routine of recovery of our skin. Why? Because even if you have not committed large excesses, your skin has suffered.

Summer is the time of the year where sun exposure is more intense and as you know the sun is one of the greatest enemies of our skin, from which we receive different types of radiation that will affect the different layers of the skin:

  • UV-B radiation: It penetrates the epidermis and is responsible for many of the problems we associate with sun exposure: sunburn, erythema and around 75 % of the carcinogenic effects caused by solar radiation.
  • UV-A radiation: With a greater capacity for penetration into the skin, reaching the dermis, this radiation is responsible for tanning, but also for photoaging or premature aging of the skin, which will be characterized by an increase in the amount and depth of wrinkles, in addition to the appearance of spots, dehydration, and dull tone.
  • IR-A radiation: Able to reach the hypodermis and will be responsible for promoting oxidative stress as it increases the amount of free radicals. This oxidative stress ultimately leads to an increase in the appearance of wrinkles, and loss of elasticity and shine of the skin.

If you add to all this that it is the time of the year where we commit excesses with our food, we suffer from high temperatures which favor the increase in dehydration of the skin, and we are exposed to the chlorine of swimming pools … it is easy to reach a conclusion: we have to recover and repair our skin!

We recommend the following 10 steps in your recovery plan after the summer:

  1. Review your spots and moles. You should go to the dermatologist if you notice any changes in moles or if you have any disturbing sunburn: prevention is better.
  2. It is essential to clean the skin well (double cleaning is advisable) and the use of a toner, in the morning and at night.
  3. Exfoliate the skin once a week. With this we will eliminate dead cells and impurities and also promote regeneration. If you have very dry or sensitive skin, better consult your doctor or pharmacist first.
  4. Skin hydration is key. Ingredients such as shea butter, vegetable oils, hyaluronic acid, will become your allies in the mission of increasing the hydration of the epidermis and dermis.
  5. In areas where the skin has suffered more aggression or has been more exposed, you should use specific cosmetics with high concentration of antioxidant ingredients, such as vitamin A, C and E, or extracts of algae or plants with high antioxidant power.
  6. Do not forget to complete your routine by incorporating a serum in the morning and evening.
  7. The use of a moisturizing mask during this recovery process will make the results even more spectacular.
  8. Even if the summer is over, continue using your sunscreen daily.
  9. Consume lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Remember to combine different colours, and drink lots of water.
  10. It can be a good time to re-start moderate exercise.

What products do we recommend from 5punto5? We would recommend you all … but today we fundamentally pay attention to:

  • 5punto5 Repairing Serum. Incorporate it to your routine! it is a serum that contains: (i) hyaluronic acid of low and very low molecular weight that will help you maintain and increase hydration,(ii) extract of the Isochrysis Galbana Algae, a powerful antioxidant, (iii) a cocktail of vitamins with antioxidant effect, and (iv) the combination hydroxytyrosol and olive triterpenes. In other words, a combination of ingredients that will help you against oxidative stress, and remember that this oxidative stress is the main responsible for triggering the extrinsic aging processes of the skin.
  • 5punto5 Emollient Balm.  We recommend using it for a month as a moisturizing mask. It has a high concentration of moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, such as shea butter, first cold pressure vegetable oils, vegetable extracts, as well as incorporates the combination of hydroxytyrosol and maslinic acid. How should you use it as a mask? Apply it at night after a good cleansing, and keep it throughout the night.

Follow these tips and you will surely recover / enhance the healthy appearance of your skin.