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What’s your phototype? With Farmacia Lecrin

Farmacia Lecrin

The reaction of your skin to the sun depends to a large extent on the type of skin you have.

In 1975 Fitz Patrick developed a classification of skin types according to their response after exposure to the sun in the first 30 minutes.

It is important that you know your phototype and protect yourself accordingly. We are in summer and it is essential that you take care of your skin, since the damaging effect of the sun on the skin results in DNA damage, skin-aging and carcinogenesis. What’s yours?

IIt always burns, it does not tan. People with pink and/or very pale skins. It is customary in Scandinavians and Celtics.FPS 50+
IIIt always burns, barely tans. People with fair skins, with light or brown eyes. Typical in people from the Caucasus.FPS 50+
IIISometimes burns, it tans moderately. People with darker white skins. Typical in people from Central Europe.FPS 30-50
IVIt does not burn, it tans. People with light brown skin and with brown hair and eyes. Characteristic of people from the Mediterranean, primarily.FPS 30
VPeople with brown skin, and with dark brown or black eyes and hair. It occurs mainly in people from the Middle East and Latin America.FPS 15
VIPeople with black skin, with dark brown or black eyes and hair. Black people like Africans and African Americans.FPS 15
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