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How to take care of the skin this Christmas

You may not have thought about it … but if you don’t take care of your skin appropriately, it may be affected during these Christmas holidays. It’s common at this time of the year to have more social commitments, meals with friends, family and co-workers, more night outings, and of course the cold and the changes in temperature to which we are constantly exposed, make the skin suffer if you don’t take care of it.

From 5punto5 we want to give you a series of tips that will help you have a spectacular skin throughout Christmas

The first is that you clean the skin deeply every day, finalizing with a vitamin intake and rebalancing the skin.

  • It is totally forbidden to go to bed without cleaning your face. You need to remove all that makeup, sunscreen, sweat, pollution and sebaceous secretion that has accumulated during the day on the skin.
  • At 5punto5 we have all the products required for the double cleansing. A double cleansing entails two phases, at the first phase we will remove makeup and impurities and to do so we would use an oil-based product … and after this, a second phase where we will use a gel or soap cleaner that we will always rinse with warm water.
  • For the first phase where we are going to remove the makeup and other oil-soluble impurities you must use our 5punto Dry Oil, a non-comedogenic oil and suitable for all skin types, formulated with 5 first cold pressure vegetable oils together with Maslinic Acid, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • For the second phase, we use an aqueous-based cleaner (soap, gel …) that removes water-soluble dirt, such as sweat, as well as the remains of the first cleaning. We have alternatives depending on the skin type, a Dermatological Soap suitable for normal and / or sensitive skin and if you have combination or oily skin we recommend the Dermatological Gel.
  • And finally do not forget to use a toner, which will rebalance your skin, in addition to eliminating any trace of dirt. And of course, for this step we have our Equalizer Toner, a reference in the sector that in addition to balancing and toning the skin includes in its formula nicotinamide, which has multiple scientific evidence that support its actions at the level of reinforcement of the barrier of the skin, stimulation of cell renewal, improves blood circulation and hydration, in addition to reducing wrinkles and spots.

The second step is the deep hydration of the skin.

  • The cold and the heaters favor that the skin becomes dehydrated, so it is important not to forget about hydration.
  • 5punto5 has two serums (Vitamins and Repairing Serum), with concentrated actives and with a great capacity to reach deep layers of the skin. In its formula they incorporate large concentrations of antioxidants that will help us fight against free radicals and oxidative stress, and also hyaluronic acid of low and very low molecular weight. With these two types of hyaluronic acid, a greater penetration capacity is achieved, attaining a filling effect in the “intercellular matrix”. It has a greater effect against wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.
  • Then, use a moisturizer that suits your skin type (young, mature, dry, oily …) that you can find amongst the 5punto5 range, forming a “protective layer”, against contamination and external aggressions.
  • If you need a plus in hydration, you can use our Emollient Balm as a very “moisturizing” night mask. When you wake up you will find your skin smooth and very hydrated.
  • We also recommend using a humidifier if the humidity in your home is less than 50% and keep the temperature of your home and office below 23 ºC.

Look after your food consumption

  • Try to control the consumption of sweets and thus avoid insulin spikes. Glycation is a process that favors the aging of the skin, in which sugar molecules such as glucose adhere to amino acid groups of a protein (such as collagen and elastin), forming the so-called “glycosylated proteins”, causing degradation tissue. And do not increase alcohol consumption at Christmas, an enemy of the skin.

Protect yourself from the cold

  • The cold, in general, decreases the blood supply to the skin, so that less oxygen arrives. Hence the importance of protecting yourself with gloves, hats, socks and use “oliy ointments without water”.
  • With our Atopic Skin Balm you avoid the appearance of chilblains, irritations, eczema or redness caused by the cold.

Avoid stress and do not increase the lack of sleep, accumulated already during the year

  • The Central Nervous System and the skin come from the same embryonic tissue, hence the relationship between skin condition and stress, fatigue, lack of sleep …

Introduce moderate exercise in your routine

  • It is important that you introduce exercise in a moderate way in your daily routine. When we exercise, substances called endorphins are secreted, providing a sense of tranquility, satisfaction and well-being. It also regulates the release ofserotonin, “the chemical of happiness.” In addition, it acts as a natural pain reliever, providing better sleep quality, which will also result in less stress.
  • Physical exercise decreases cortisol (related to stress and triggers fat production) and increases dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to basic processes of the mind, such as motivation, cognition or learning.
  • However, when the sport is exercised in an extreme way and you get into stressful situations, things change. In these cases the level of cortisol is increased, which is a true enemy of the skin.
  • And don’t forget to take deep breaths every day… and to be with those people who give you love.
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