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Skin care tips before going to the beach, the pool, or the mountain…with Braulio González Herrero Pharmacy

Farmacia Braulio González Hererro

It is important to take care of the skin before, during and after sun exposure.

We give you 10 tips to follow before solar exposure:

  1. The skin should be clean and without any make-up.
  2. Hydrate the skin before using sunscreen, with a cream without photosensitizing ingredients.
  3. Use sunscreen according to your skin’s phototype. Reapply the sunscreen every two hours and do not forget that the right amount is 2mg / cm2. And remember that ultraviolet radiation reaches the skin, even if the day is cloudy.
  4. Clothes protect you. Put on a hat to avoid sunburn on the face, ears and neck, as well as sunglasses … The latter is important, since the eye contour is one of the most delicate parts of the face.
  5. Do not sunbathe during the central hours of the day (12.00-16.30).
  6. It is advisable to avoid perfumes, deodorants or other cosmetics that carry alcohol before sunbathing.
  7. If you take medications, ask a healthcare professional, in case these could be photosensitizing.
  8. Do not depilate before sunbathing. Also do not exfoliate your skin before the beach or pool.
  9. Stay hydrated. Water is best liquid to have a good hydration. Remember that of our body weight, approximately 60% is water. What is the contribution of water recommended per day? An average of 2.5 litters.
  10. Eat fresh and natural foods, and say yes to a diet rich in fruits and seasonal vegetables. Combine colors, since each one will provide you with different antioxidants. Their synergy will enhance their effect. If you consume varied fruits and vegetables in abundance, rich in antioxidants, your protection will undoubtedly be more effective. A good habit, take a shake of these before exposing yourself to the sun.

Written in colaboration with Braulio González Herrero Pharmacy, from Lugo.

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