What's the origin

Like all major innovations, this is the result of the dissatisfaction with the solutions offered by the industry and the search for a better, healthier and sustainable long-term solution. Our team of formulists, relying on biotechnology and galenics, has designed non-invasive cares in order to help people balance their skin.


JUL 2012

Searching for solutions

Seeing that the rosacea of ​​a relative was a chronic condition, the founders decide to investigate.

SEP 2012

Studying time!

Based on their technical knowledge, they decide to learn about skin diseases and different alternatives that may help them.

DIC 2012

First tests

Once it is clear than a care process is needed and the steps are defined, different options of soaps, toners and creams are manufactured at small scale and begin to be tested.

MAY 2013


The "client 0" does not manifest its symptoms, research continues in the same direction, active ingredients in large proportion and organic ingredients, seeking to restore the balance of the skin.

MAR 2014

Other skin conditions

Given the satisfaction with the results, we begin to investigate and develop solutions for other skin conditions.

NOV 2014

General tests

With new formulations developed on a small scale, tests start for other skin types.

SEP 2015

Normal skin

Due to the great reception of the products and the constant requests of skin care sets for skins without problems, we start to research and formulate for young, mature, dry and combination skin types.

NOV 2016

Masikini SL

Masikini SL is incorporated in Madrid with the purpose of commercializing these formulations.

MAR 2017

Biotech Laboratory

An agreement was reached with a laboratory, an international reference in improving quality of life through the application of an advanced technology that allows it to obtain natural extracts with very high concentrations of a series of active ingredients, to collaborate in the research and development of different Product lines with patented active ingredients.

SEP 17


A second study begins with a select group of dermatologists.

SEP 17

European Union

Together with our biotechnological partner, we present the Mature Skin Cream with an exceptional reception at the Innovation Congress of the European Union.

OCT 2017

Logo 5 punto 5 tipográfico


After 5 years of effort, study and research, after some mistakes and many successes, we open to the public. With the entire line of care now available, products begin to be marketed on this website as well as in certain pharmacies. Better, non-invasive and long-lasting skin care is now available to everyone. We’re happy.

We are stopping the current way in which dermatology products are consumed since they are usually invasive and not sustainable over time. Based on research, biotechnology and galenics, we have developed non-invasive care in order to help people balance their skin. We are not interested in the short-term but in structural changes that help people to have a balanced skin.


We are changing your interaction with cosmetics not only with our products but with our way of doing things.

We are passionate about research and innovation. All our products are formulated by pharmaceutical and biochemical experts.

Your skin deserves the best, that's why we select the best organic ingredients around the world.

As part of our philosophy of maximum quality, care that can be maintained over time, nothing harmful with any skin type, to guide every effort towards the common good. In an ideal world, this page would not exist because all products would meet these principles. Little by little we must approach it.

Our products have a pH of 5.5 (+ - 0.3) because it’s the ideal pH of the skin and, when it is balanced, it resists better the external and internal aggressions, it is healthier and shows its potential.

Our raw materials come, whenever possible, from controlled and certified organic crops. Our products are certified as ecological by ACENE.

Parabens are preservatives with a possible effect of endocrine disruption, they can have estrogenic effects in the body.

PEG means obtained from petroleum derivatives. They have various functions: surfactant, emulsifier, solvent, softener, but also serve as a base for creams and gels. They can make the skin more permeable for harmful substances and can cause skin irritations.

Silicones, because of their occlusive effect, can clog the pores of the skin and cause skin irritation when sweating. Some types of silicones may also accumulate in the liver and lymph nodes. They are also not biodegradable so they have a high impact on the environment.

They are usually obtained from oil, with very low economic cost. They are the basis of many creams, oils, lip products and also Vaseline. Mineral oils clog the pores, prevent the skin from breathing, dry the skin and accelerate the development of wrinkles. Some of the paraffins are concentrated over time in liver, kidneys and lymph nodes.

In cosmetics it is usually used as a solvent and softener in creams and also to avoid moisture evasion. But it also penetrates quickly into the skin and weakens the cell structure and protein.

Our products are not tested on animals and no animal has suffered in the manufacturing of the products or their ingredients. We find it incredible and sad that these practices remain legal.


We believe that spontaneity and freshness should be constant, independent of time. 5punto5 offers you a new way of understanding your skin, where perfection and health are synonymous. Where your satisfaction with the results is our greatest reward.

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The world and human beings have many problems, the health of the skin being just one of them. It is one of the least importance, but it is the one that we can help and that’s what we are here for! We believe that people who can collaborate in other areas, like us, should do it. That is why we distribute a percentage of our income in different lines of social and environmental action.

The CINDE Foundation is a Spanish non-profit organization that operates mainly in El Salvador supporting comprehensive educational programs for children and young people from excluded social sectors and socio-economic programs for women from the informal sector. We have known them for a long time and their way of dealing with problems, their naturalness and transparency have hooked us. They are capable of changing realities, of improving lives. We believe that education is the basis of progress, that is why we collaborate with CINDE in the project of schooling and prevention of malnutrition of children from 1 to 6 years old, who are children of street vendors in the streets of San Salvador, El Salvador. You can read more about the project in this Cinde Project and about the fantastic work of CINDE on its website:  

We are destroying the planet, and this can only be stopped by everyone. In 5punto5 we are great advocates of organic production, the minimum use of plastics, recycling and, in general, to take care of our Earth. But any commercial activity always ends up charging a price to the planet and we return it by contributing our consumption annually to the ceroCO2 program of compensation for the carbon footprint.  You can join the program and make up your mark at: